Passionate about seeing/hearing psychic information about the future through clairvoyance/clairaudience and precognitive dreams.

I'm a researcher, whether using deep analytical thinking and Artificial Intelligence or using subsconcious access to psychic information during the sleep or in the day time. I have spend my life searching very intensively to find the best way to achieve successfull predictions in investments (financial markets, cryptos, horse racing, sport betting) and I am very motivated to maintain success in investments due to a high enough accuracy in the long run.   

I am also fully aware of the difficulty of the task as wrong predictions are part of the game and no one serious could claims or request 100% accuracy. A high enough level of accuracy of the psychic information is what is needed to make money in a very consistent way. One only true psychic information can also be a financial life changing event.

After 13 years of deep psychic work and putting my money where my mouth is, I decided to give publicly in real time some of the psychic information I get. The page "Track Record" shows the global results of the investments made based on the information written here before the events ( sometimes months in advance...). Many psychic predictions not written here came up also spectacularly accurate during the same time period as well. 

At the end of the life, all this was just a game... 

During life, much better to have the best hedge as possible to achieve a beautiful success...


  • Research and self development in Hypnosis, Magnetism, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Precognitive dreams. Applied on Financial markets, Cryptos, Horse racing, World Cup since 2005.

  • Researcher on scientific gambling on Horse racing (Mathematical, Artificial Intelligence, Clairvoyance) and betting on Hong Kong Horse Racing. 2015-2018 

  • Deep intensive work through hypnosis into real sleep to get targeted future information. 2005-2011  

  • Highly successful Futures Fund Manager 1997-2007 (Futures on stocks indexes and Forex). 60 Millions$ under Management.

  • Artificial Intelligence trading system researcher. 1994-2007

  • Options Market Maker 1991-1993