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more about VIP bitcoin options access 

The VIP Bitcoin Options page gives you an access to my own Bitcoin options strategy using all the psychic informations  received on Bitcoin on both a long and short term basis and depending on the parameters included in the informations as target price or not, timing or not, direction, short, long term, etc.

As an example some options strategies with far away strike price for the best leverage as possible will be tailored to the kind of psychic information received to search for the best profit possible. On the other side, very short term options (weekly) will be used on a defensive strategy or more aggressive depending of the spectrum of time we are in, within a big price movement. 

2 sessions are also included in this package to gives you the most information on every aspect of the use of options (including its risks) and explain the big picture of the psychic informations  I got over short, mid, long term, if any for each time period and how to adapt the options strategy on a weekly basis.     

I do not know in advance the number of informations I will get and write here. It comes spontaneously and I could get none for a month as I can get few of them within the same week or more in the same month. Anything can happen and no request for more information can be fulfilled in an honest way. Again, better to have few information with the highest quality as only one information can make the full difference in term of results at the end of the year. 

Options are very risky investment tool, and this VIP Bitcoin Option page access is allowing you to see my own strategy, that is it. It is not, in any way, a financial advice. Please read the Disclaimer page first before considering subscribing to this page access.

When you make the paiement, your access to the VIP Bitcoin Options page as well as other VIP pages will be activated within 24hours, then just log in with the same e-mail you used for the payment and you can then enjoy these exclusive informations for the next 6 months.

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