Winning money WITH a revolutionary approach...

Winning money is the goal of the game...

Imagine having the cutting edge to know the future in advance, wouldn't it be nice to make an investment in these conditions?

Sounds incredible ?


Let's bet !

The "Track Record" page shows the result of the investments made (and written in advance publicly on this site) using the psychic information received.  The details are on each page "Financial Markets", "Cryptos", "Stocks", "Horse Racing", World Cup" for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019

77.8% of closed investments won with an average win of +66.7%
22.2% of closed investments LOST with an average LOSS of -46.9%
MaThematical Hedge : +41.4% per investment on average.

My proposition is to allow you to access the information I receive through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and precognitive dreams, which are the information I use for my own investments.



I do care about the quality of the psychic information delivered here and want them to succeed in the long run.

For this reason, I provide in real time only the highest quality ones in order to achieve the best accuracy.

I get precognition dreams since 2005 and clairvoyant/clairaudient psychic information during daytime since 2012, and always work/research to increase the accuracy level on a personal path.

Having also worked for the last 25 years with Artificial Intelligence and Randomness, I recognise the mistakes and fully appreciate the accuracies of very low probability events predicted.

I enjoy having the best accuracy as possible even if being lucid about inevitable mistakes arising from time to time. Looking to invest and win in the long run with this revolutionary new approach.

Enjoying to the fullest every true hit psychic prediction, I want to share this emotion with all the open-minded ones to this high level ambition.


"The Clairvoyant Investor is truly a "special" person. One needs to know that this is a guy who manage to make a VERY good living by following his intuitive/clairvoyant investment signals. What i also like about The Clairvoyant Investor is that he constantly tries to find new ways of improving his gift."

Jay M'Bey

"I thank The Clairvoyant Investor for the thousands of euros he made me won. One of the most juicy moment of my life has been as waiting for the result of a horse race. As I heard the arrival of the jockeys, I understood The Clairvoynt Investor called the perfect prediction and that my bet has been multiplied by 25 !!!! The Clairvoyant Investor also made me won a lot on Bitcoin. He told me when to sell. It was just before the collapse of cryptos. Chirurgical precision information. What a diabolic intuition ! I also remind me the  astonished  head of my father discovering The Clairvoyant Investor perfect prediction of the live opening match of the 2018 Soccer World Cup. A challenge to  science !!!! Thanks for the incredible predictions that have enriched me."

Florent Daujat

"Like any prediction you have to be careful, The Clairvoyant Investor knows it well and warns us against false ideas of 100% profit. It is this intellectual honesty from the start that opened me to test his psychic flashes. It is very exciting to feel the future in a choice of the present and even more so when it comes true. Even if sometimes we are not on a precision to the comma, we must recognize that between the knowledge of the professional markets and his intuition, there are still good profits to do with the advice. Good profits to all ..."

J-Luc LP